Lancer Athletic Hall of Fame

Beginning in the days of the Stevensville Cardinals and the Baroda Bulldogs through the present day Lakeshore Lancers the community has had a great tradition of athletes.  The Lakeshore Lancer Athletic Hall of Fame was established in 2002 to honor these great athletes.  Each fall the new inductees are honored in a ceremony during a football game.  Over the coming weeks each individual inductee’s page will be updated to show their accomplishments (located on the right hand column of this page).  Pictures are needed of many hall of famers to add to their bios on the website.  If you have a picture of an inductee from his or her playing days please email it to and it will get added to that person’s bio.  If you would like to nominate a deserving Lancer, Cardinal, or Bulldog athlete, coach, or at large candidate, a nomination form is available in the right hand column  please fill it out and email it to or mail it to:
Lakeshore High School
Attn: Greg Younger
5771 Cleveland Ave.
Stevensville, MI 49127s

This page will be a work in progress over the coming month or 2.

Inductees by Year:

2002 Inductees
Marshall Shearer
Tom Potts
Gerald Howard- 1937
Don Gast-1948
Marty Trethway-1961
Mark Tollas-1970
Charlie Shafer-1974
Dave Baker-1975
Jodi Rabbers-1976
Carol Mensinger-1984
Julie (Brackenridge) Sheridan-1987
Matt Cluff-1987
Jason Cluff-1988
Lisa (Hudak) Gathright-1989
Randy Helling-1989
Susan Behnke-1994
Art Guse-1935
Diana Davis-1971

2003 Inductees
Paul Catreaux
Dick Bartz-1961
Chris Knapp-1971
Mike Mason-1977
Tom Jager-1977
Doug Smith-1978
Mary Fowler-1983
Karla Huebner-1983
Todd Burke-1992
Katy Kamp-1996

2004 Inductees
Matt Nozicka-1952
Paul Freer-1978
Scott Andrews-1979
Jason Schlutt-1990
Tony Tiefenbach-1990
Brett Bittenbender-1992
Jay Sanford-1993
Barry Shoemake-1993

2005 Inductees
John Woods
Robert Bartz-1953
Mike Mead-1976
Gary Smith-1981
Michelle (Gathright) Harrison-1987

2006 Inductees
Vince Ackerman
Jay Craig-1970
Chuck Hoge-1974
Jamie (Stacey) Sinkiewicz-1979
Sara (Behnke) Kalczynski-1997

2007 Inductees
Dennis Kniola
Rick Farrow-1973
Drew Radtke-1995
Jon Hall-1998

2008 Inductees
Glenn Arter
Rick McGrath-1974
Mike Smith-1983

2009 Inductees
John Paris
Robert Stewart-1960
Tom Zuppke-1962
Tom Reid-1963
Nicky (Kern) Hinderberger-1997

2010 Inductees
Al Pscholka
Gerry Howard-1960
Leroy Hendrix-1964
Angela Hendrix-1995
Sarah (Lippert) Crowell-1997

2011 Inductees
Steve Coleman-1962
Steve Caple-1973
Sally Woods-1981
Don Necas-1989

2012 Inductees
Jim Sanford
Erin (Freer) Wright-2005
Molly (Kamp) Weinlader-2000
Dan Vaughn-1995

2013 Inductees
Karla (Hartline) Pankratz-1985
Jennifer (Bock) Ryan-2002
Edgar Mischke-1938
John Florian-1954
Antwan Henderson-2001
Steve Adler

2014 Inductees
Alfred (Bud) Bartz-1958
Kyle Griffiths-1992
Joe Hover-2003
Jim Pancoast-2003
Inge Longpre