Lancers News · Lancer Football Playoff Tickets Available Starting at 6pm Wednesday – LHS takes on Coldwater at HOME Saturday 11/7 at 1pm

Lancer Football Playoff Ticket Information for Saturday 11/7/20

Who:    Lakeshore HS vs Coldwater HS

What:   MHSAA District Semi-Final Football Playoffs

When:  Saturday – 11/7/20 – 1:00 PM

Where:  Lakeshore HS / Al Stockman Stadium 

Tickets:  Only Available online through – NO CASH SALES AT GATE – If capacity (1,000) has not been sold prior to Saturday at Noon when ticket gates open – fans can purchase tickets online using their smart device at the gate.

In your Web Browser – go to and search Lakeshore HS or Coldwater HS to purchase your tickets.

Cost:     $7.30 each ($6.00 plus $1.00 convenience fee plus 5% transaction fee ($0.30)) Prices and process set by MHSAA

There is a limit of 4 tickets purchased per transaction.


Listed below is information that was shared to MHSAA Member Schools regarding the Playoff ticket process and how the digital ticket process will work.  

2020 MHSAA Football Playoff Tickets:

Fans can search for the names of the 2 teams in the competition (This week, each school has a capacity of 500 tickets to be sold to total 1,000 – all tickets are general admission with no assigned seats so it makes no difference which school name you use to purchase the tickets from in case all of the tickets are used for one of the 2 schools when you go to purchase them….if both links will not allow you to purchase tickets then we have reached the capacity of 1,000 sold and are Sold Out) There is a limit of 4 tickets purchased per transaction.


How do fans redeem tickets at the gate?

The spectator will show the digital ticket on his/her phone. Your ticket gate folks will have the fan click the green “Validate” button, and then you will see a big green checkmark so you know they are good. This is a good one-minute video about the process —
Can fans buy tickets at the gate?

YES, if tickets are still available, it is very easy. Just have them go to on their phone, search for the name of either school, click on the event, and purchase the ticket.  Capacity is 1,000 for this event.

When fans get the link, how do they buy tickets?

Click the link above and follow the prompts. It’s a very easy process. Here’s a one-minute video to see how it’s done.

How do spectators view their purchased tickets?

They can click “View Tickets” in their emailed receipt, sign in to their Go Fan account, or open in the GoFan app. For fastest entry into the game, fans should pull up their tickets prior to reaching the gate. Here is another one-minute video that can be given to fans.

Can fans transfer tickets to others?

Yes, purchased tickets can be transferred to children, spouse, family or anyone else via text, email or copying a link. See the end of this video.
Any questions, please contact Athletic Director Greg Younger via email at